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Tabbouleh and Houmous

We rarely eat or make Greek or Turkish food. However, tabbouleh and houmous are two very fresh and delicious dishes that are easy to make and which you can eat different things with. We ate some falafel with ours. We didn’t make the falafel ourselves this time since we didn’t have enough time (too hungry 🙂 ) but we have in the past. And we would recommend you make your own even if it is a bit of work.  Continue reading


Something that is very appreciated by vegetarians is falafel. We figured it could not be difficult to make your own, and it wasn’t!

Falafel has a lot of flavour and it can be eaten in so many ways. Today we chose to eat some green lentils with our falafel and we made a yoghurt sauce. The falafel was a bit spicy so the fresh youghurt sauce was perfect to eat with it. Continue reading