About Active Beans

Who are we?
– We are two “active beans”; a runner bean (Sofi) and a cyclist bean (Jason)! We are both very active people and nutrition is something we are very passionate about. We enjoy food that is not just tasty, but enables us to be the active beans we are!


Jason and Sofi after Ride London-Surrey 100


What is active beans?
– Active beans is an active lifestyle blog, where you will find training information and tips as well as sustainable healthy vegetarian recipes.

Why active beans?
– Not many of our friends cook or eat vegetarian food on a regular basis, and they are often amazed by what we serve them, what we share on social media, and what we have in our lunchboxes at work. We have shared many recipes with our friends, and even recommended good vegetarian sites and books, but now we want to share this with more people! We are both passionate about food – cooking and eating – and we always try new recipes, either from scratch or adapted from other sources.

What will we share?
– We have changed the focus of our blog, and will primarily share training information and tips, as well as commenting on interesting articles about diets and nutrition. But, we will still include vegetarian recipes; not just hot meals, but also healthy snacks, energy bars, cereals, and the occasional dessert.

6 thoughts on “About Active Beans

    1. activebeans Post author

      Hi Jean!

      Jason is the cyclist and me the runner. But I started cycling last year as well and Jason also runs occasionally 🙂 we are also car – free, living in the city! /Sofi


      1. Jean

        Do you get much snow where you are and what are average winter temperatures in your part of Sweden?


      2. activebeans Post author

        Hi Jean!
        We are in Gothenburg in the south of Sweden, and most people would say that a typical Gothenburg winter is grey and wet, rather than white and snowy. However, that hasn’t been my experience since I moved here.
        It doesn’t snow that much here, and we are on the coast towards Denmark so our climate is a little special (usually windy and rainy!). Average temperatures are between +5°C and -5°C. The lowest is typically -15°C, but that is very rare. Obviously windchill makes it colder as well.

        I’m hoping for a dry (snow is ok) winter so I can still get some riding in.
        What’s it like where you are in Canada?


  1. Jean

    Gothenburg’s winter temp. seem to be like Vancouver, British Columbia’s on the Pacific coast. Calgary is in the Canadian prairies, province of Alberta. Our air tends to be drier than Toronto and Vancouver. However our winters can be very cold compared to these other 2 cities where I’ve lived for a number of years too in the past: Usually several times each winter for past 4 years, we’ve had a few days where winter temperatures plunged to -36 to -40 degrees C. It is dangerous at those temp…bare skin exposure for long time can easily lead to frostbite.

    However our winters tend to have a lot of bright sunshine after snowfall. We get warm chinook winds which a natural weather phenomena in our part of the world, which can push temp. to 5 to 10 degrees C and cause melting. Our area is known to have up to 15 to 20 degree C increase between morning and mid-afternoon. So dressing properly for a several hours of cycling means packing/wearing layers of clothing.

    I’ve been to Malmo Sweden for a day by taking the commuter train with our bikes from Copenhagen. I should do a blog post about what we saw….. My blog post about Copenhagen:

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