Goodbye 2015, a look back

So, today is the last day of 2015, and what a year it has been! I (Jason) think a short look back on the year that has been would be a fitting way to say goodbye to 2015.

I will start with the end of the year actually. Today we wanted to end the year on a high, so my dad and I (who is here for a week) went for a 100 km ride in the cold and wind, and Sofi went for a 12 km run (also in the cold and wind).

Our ride was really nice, and we rode a lot of new roads (nearly all the route was new for my dad, but about a third of it was new for me as well). We did have a short ride in the forest yesterday, but being out on the roads was something else, and the snow that was still on the ground made it really picturesque. We did suffer a bit on the way back with a strong headwind and we probably should have had a little more food with us. But when we got home we were welcomed by Sofi with a delicious homemade tomato and black bean soup – just what we needed! 😀


Sofi wanted to do a long run, after having been ill over Christmas, and did 12 km. She said it was so windy that she had to walk over one of the bridges just so she wouldn’t get blown off! Sofi suffered a little bit with her lungs following her cold, but hopefully she can build on today’s run next year and prepare well for her marathon! 🙂

A look back

Moment of the year: Sofi saying yes to my proposalIMG_20150714_123359

Notable running achievements: We both completed the Gothenburg half marathon, as well as two 10 km races this year (I was very pleased with my 10 km times as well)
Notable cycling achievements: Sofi climbed two mountains this year (one of which she climbed from two different sides), and I saw progress in my racing both on the road and in cyclocross
Our holidays: Training camp in Spain in February (part 1, part 2) (I had one in January as well), a friend’s wedding in England in March, England at EasterItaly in May with my mum for the Giro, England in the summer, Korea in the summer, Spain in August for the Vuelta (just me), England for Christmas, as well as a couple of trips to Denmark and numerous small trips in Sweden

DSC06083 DSC06633 DSC07040 IMG_20150516_161930

NYE plans

Tonight we are going to a restaurant in town with two of our friends, Sam and Caroline. Then we will head back to theirs to bring in the new year with them and Leo their dog!


We hope you all have a wonderful evening, and we look forward to writing something again next year!


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