Running thoughts of the day

Yesterday when I came home after work I went out for a short run. I have decided to get 3 running sessions in this week. What you should do when you have decided to go for a run after work is to NOT go and lie on the sofa, you will never get off of it. Go out straight away 🙂

When I go out for a run I (almost) always decide beforehand how far I will run and what type of session I want to do. I think that is one of the key aspects when it comes to my training. I have never been the type of person who goes out running without a plan. I also think it is important to set goals for yourself becuase they push you and act as motivation.

My goal for next year will be to enter a marathon and try to finish it without dying 😉 I ran the Gothenburg half marathon this year and had planned to do that next year as well. However, somehow I got the crazy idea to do a marathon instead. I know I am able to finish a half marathon and I wanted to set a goal that was bigger and more challenging. We’ll see how it goes 🙂 I think the blog will be an excellent tool for me to evaluate my training and see my progress.

Maybe there are some runners that read this blog and want to give me some advice? 🙂


Besides the bigger goal for next year I will plan and set goals for each month, week and session. My aim now is to stick to three sessions a week, one longer run (more than 10 km), one interval session, and one session where I just do what I feel like. If that is to run 3 km or 7 km, the form of the day will decide.

I also have cycling goals so I have to try to keep up with my indoor cycling training during the winter as well. The plan is to cycle up a few mountains next year and you can’t do that on sheer willpower 🙂

It was less windy yesterday than Sunday which made my running a lot easier. After my 7 km I came home, had a nice dinner and then it was back to a little bit of work before the day is over.


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