Sunday workout – running and circuits

Today we had decided to do a mini session together with both running and some exercises with our kettle bell and TRX band. We bought those to be able to do small workouts at home and not have to go to the gym. I have always been a member of a gym but the last 6 months I have not been once. I want to focus on my running and cycling and there has simply not been enough time (or motivation) to go and work out inside.

I think exercising outside in the fresh air is so much more invigorating than being stuck inside a gym. Sometimes it is easier to be motivated when you train with others but I have realized that I just need a clear goal and then I can be just as motivated on my own.

OK, back to the session we did today. We started with a 5 km run in the wind. If you would only go out running when the weather was sunny and warm you would not have many running days each year in Sweden. We live in a city where it rains a lot during the year and it is often windy as well. Not to mention the fact that we have many winter months when running can be even more challenging.

That however, is not an excuse for not running 😉 If you have decided to go out running 3 times a week you should try to stick to those running sessions despite the wind, rain and cold. Of course you should stay inside if there is a blizzard or a storm or if it is really really cold, but that does not happen too often in the south of Sweden. When it is cold outside it is just a question of putting on another layer of clothes, a hat and gloves. In temperatures below zero you probably should not go out running for too long.

So, we ran a steady 5 km and then we had a short stretch before going inside and starting our circuit session. We had decided to do a bunch of different exercises and swap exercise every 40 sec.

We did three groups of exercises. Each group of exercises was repeated twice. To finish we did 40 sec of burpees. We had a 40 sec rest between each group and set.

  1. Row, shoulder raise, plank.
  2. Chest press, tricep press, sit-ups.
  3. Mountain climbers, squats, side plank.

The first group of exercises focused on shoulders and back, using the TRX bands for the row, and the kettlebell for the shoulder raise. The second group focused on chest, triceps and shoulders, using the TRX bands for the chest press, and the kettlebell for the tricep press. The third group focused on legs. Each group obviously had a large focus on the core, because this is something you can never really overwork!

It was quite tough. Jason wanted us to repeat the group of exercises 3 times but I thought that was a bit too much 😉

So tomorrow I will probably have a nice training ache in my arms, back and chest since I have not done much upper body training lately 🙂 This is a session we will do every week. And hopefully do some exercise by ourselves as well.

After our workout we had a nice, long breakfast and neither of us could have imagined a better start to the day. I realise that most people would think this is the last thing they want to do on a Sunday morning but you should just try it! You have the whole day to relax afterwards and doing things together is always fun and you motivate each other.

Now we are relaxing on the sofa and we will probably be here the rest of the evening and will light our second advent candle soon 🙂


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