Our Weekend, Week 10

I suppose this post should be “Our Weekends”, seeing as I am in England and Sofi is still in Sweden, thus two very different weekends.

Like we have mentioned before, we are going to a wedding next weekend and that wedding is in England. So I thought I would come here a little earlier so I had time to spend with my family and get a few rides in on the poor English roads as well!

Along with me and Sofi, my sister, Jasmine, was also successful in the ballot for the RideLondon-Surrey 100 in August, a 100 mile (160 km) ride on closed roads in London and Surrey. So this weekend was also perfect to get my sister started with her bike training in preparation for that. Yesterday she joined me and my dad on a nice 30 km ride through the lanes. After the ride we caught the end of Strada Bianche (I was pleased to see another Etixx Quick-Step victory) and then headed to town to buy some bits. We then went out to an Italian for dinner as Lesley (my dad’s girlfriend) was running the Surrey Half Marathon today, so her and her friends were carb loading, one of my favourite pastimes 😀

Lesley’s half started at 09:00, so me and my dad spent the morning planning where we could go and watch her on the route – it was on closed roads, so perfect for the runners, and an opportunity for us to try and race to our chosen spots to see her on other roads 🙂 We saw Lesley five times along the route, and covered 35 km. She looked strong and cheerful throughout, and came in at 2:09 – just under her planned time! 😀
IMG_3869[1] IMG_3870[1]

After seeing her near the finish, we rushed back home because Jasmine was waiting to ride with us. We put her on Sofi’s bike today (I brought it over to leave for when Sofi and I come at Easter), which was a better fit than my dad’s bike yesterday, and I think she preferred the colours as well! We had planned to go to a lovely tea room in Seale (where WyndyMilla bikes are based), but the sun went behind the clouds so we thought we would stay closer to home as it got a bit nippy 😦 We went a bit further than yesterday, and because Sofi’s bike has a compact, Jasmine was able to spin a lot more, which seemed to keep her going better. (My ride, my dad’s ride, Jasmine’s ride.) It was the first time in over 15 years I had cycled with my sister this weekend, so it was really nice! And it was great to get her started on her way to conquering 100 miles in August 😀

Tonight both my grandfathers are coming over, as well as some other people, for a nice roast dinner. I’m still feeling a bit cold from the ride as I write this, so some warm food, sitting by the fire, and being with family will be a nice way to spend my evening 🙂

Next week I will be doing some work (I’m very fortunate to have a flexible role and be able to do most of my work from home…and abroad), and lots more cycling.

So, I am still in Sweden and like Jason wrote I will go to England on Thursday. My weekend has also been very busy. On Friday after work I went out to have dinner with some friends. I had booked a table at a new restaurant, vegetarian since 3 of them are vegetarians (and now I am sort of too). The food was very different and we shared a few different dishes. They had really tried new combinations and there were many different types of dishes. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a single picture. Everyone thought it was good (except Martin who wanted meat 🙂 ).

On Saturday morning I had a very early start and went out for a morning walk. At 8:40 I was all ready to take the train to my parents. I baked a pie and then Tommy’s (my sister’s bf) parents came for dinner at my parents’ place. They all liked my pie. 🙂 It was delicious! Then we just spent the evening playing games and talking.
DSC06540 DSC06539

On Sunday morning I was going out for my first run in 3 months. I am seeing my physio on Tuesday again and I needed to see if there had been an improvement. I have not been able to run more than 2 km and then felt the pain in my leg. However, today I took it really slow and managed to run 6 km without feeling any pain. So I am hoping it is going to just keep getting better. It is really frustrating to not have been able to run. Now I just need to be careful so it doesn’t start hurting again. I have difficulty doing that though 🙂 my patience isn’t very big. The weather in Skåne (south of Sweden) today was gorgeous, warm and sunny. Spring might be here!


I then went with my dad and brother to see my grandmother. In the evening I took the train home again and now I am ready for another week of work.

Have a great week everyone!
/Sofi and Jason


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