Our Weekend, Week 6

This weekend is the one we have been waiting for – we’re now in Spain! 😀 On Friday, Sofi went to town after work to meet her friend Malin for fika, and I suffered at home by doing an FTP test on the turbo trainer. I recently bought a power meter (a pair of Garmin Vector pedals) for my bike, to help me improve this year, and I hadn’t tested my FTP since the autumn. I’m happy to say that I went up 17 watts. For those that don’t know, FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power and is the amount of power (in watts) that one can sustain for one hour.


Sofi enjoying herself while I push myself hard, cheeky!

We then made a very simple pasta dish afterwards – homemade pasta, as always, with an olive oil, truffle oil, chili, and garlic sauce. Just what we needed 🙂 On Saturday we got up early (7 a.m.) and ate a small portion of porridge and changed Sofi’s handlebar tape, before Sofi went on the turbo trainer to do a fun Sufferfest session. Afterwards we ate banana pancakes to help with recovery and as a little treat. Then it was all about packing up our bikes and gear, and cleaning the flat so it will be nice when we come home. We then watched the final stage of the Dubai Tour – it was a great stage, with Mark Cavendish winning the final stage and winning the overall as well! DSC06056 We then made a nice spinach, ricotta, pine nuts, and cheese pie for lunch, with a simple salad. My friend Sam came over for lunch and to watch the football on TV. We watched the north London derby and then most of the Chelsea match before me and Sofi had to leave for the airport. After arriving late (we landed at 23:45), we got to the house, turned on some heaters and crawled into bed. We had a lie-in this morning (until 09:00) and then had some porridge before heading to the supermarket to get our supplies for the week. Once we got home, we had a small lunch, built our bikes, and headed out for a 55 km ride. The ride was really nice, and was an opportunity for me to cycle with my power meter outside, and for Sofi to test her new Rapha jersey! We both love cycling together and it’s been a while since we did it in shorts and under the warm sun 🙂 We decided to enjoy the sunshine until sunset, but having a little fika stop on the way back as well – we need to make the most of our opportunity to get some vitamin D. DSC06060 DSC06064 DSC06083 DSC06093 20150208_172347 Dinner was a yummy tomato soup, and now it’s time to unwind watching some TV 🙂 Tomorrow we have a nice undulating 60 km ride planned, as a final preparation for cycling Sierra Espuña on Tuesday (1500 m over 25 km 😀 ). We’ll post an update in our mid-week catch up. We hope you all have had a nice weekend, and enjoy your upcoming week! /Jason and Sofi

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