Our Weekend, Week 4

Winter is back in Gothenburg, and it came back with a vengeance!

After work on Friday, we went to town and met our friends Malin and Evan for a couple of drinks and some dinner. It was a really nice evening catching up as we hadn’t seen them since before the holidays. We ate at Hello Monkey on Linnégatan, which does delicious Japanese and Korean cuisine 🙂

We went straight to bed when we got home and set our alarm for 08:00 (not too early, not too late), so that I (Jason) could get a ride in before we headed to town in the afternoon. When I woke up, I was confronted by a snow storm! Hard snow, strong winds – not ideal cycling conditions. So I thought I would go to the shop to buy something nice for me and Sofi to have for breakfast instead. After coming back, I got to thinking and thought I would seize the day and go for a short ride on my mountain bike instead, before they ploughed the snow. So I ate a banana and headed out, planning to eat properly once I got back.

It wasn’t a terribly fast ride, but I just wanted to try going up and down a couple of hills in the snow and seeing what head- and side winds could do while riding my bike in the snow. It was fun, and I did just over 25 km, but the best part was the tranquility and the feeling of being alone (which I was most of the time) 🙂

20150124_094340When I got back, I was amazed at the feast Sofi had prepared! She made some more of our delicious granola, some homemade scones, and some scrambled eggs with fried tomatoes. What a great way to start the day, in spite of the horrible weather 😀

DSC05927We then headed into town a bit later on, so I could buy a new suit for our friends’ (who are two regular blog readers 🙂 ) wedding in March and so we could watch American Sniper, which was a really great film!

20150124_140020So what did we do today? Well, I did my long ride that I mentioned in the mid-week catch up, and Sofi went for a long walk with Malin around Delsjön.

The roads were ploughed yesterday and last night, and the sun came out, so it was a perfect day for my ride. We started from town at 10:00 and the route was 120 km (60 km out and the same way back). I found the ride quite tough at points, but the scenery was so beautiful that I never really felt bad!

It was a little bit foggy and incredibly cold (-10°C at points), but really nice. We were four at the beginning but one of the guys only rode part way, but he did take this nice video. The fika stop was well needed and we all had our semlor (the plural for semla) 😀 But we got a little mucky due to the roads being a bit wet from the melting snow.

20150125_113006 20150125_124850 20150125_144547 20150125_145709

Sofi’s walk sounded really nice. Her and Malin took a nice 2-hour walk around Delsjön, one of the big parks just outside Gothenburg. We often run here because it’s so beautiful and they have running routes of different lengths.

There was a lot of untouched snow there, which made the walk really picturesque! There were a lot of people walking, jogging, running, cycling, and even cross-country skiing thanks to the snow!

20150125_115251Time to think about what to make for dinner now and what to make the rest of the week. We’ve bought a few different ingredients for the coming week, including yellow beetroots!

We hope you all had a nice weekend!
/Jason and Sofi





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