Our Weekend, Week 3

This weekend was fairly short for us, as I (Jason) was travelling back from Spain on Saturday, and Sofi went to see her friend and her new baby in the morning, after having made some banana pancakes for herself after a power walk.


Sofi knew I would be hungry, so decided to make my favourite meal for me when I got home: pasta! 😀 She made some lovely fresh pasta with a creamy spinach, garlic, walnut, and parmesan sauce mmmmmm 🙂 Oh and we had semla for dessert (a delicious Swedish pastry they traditionally eat on Shrove Tuesday, but it can be bought any time between Christmas and Easter).


On Sunday, we were both feeling a little tired and I was feeling a little jealous of Sofi’s banana pancakes the day before, so Sofi made some banana pancakes while I made my bike back up and unpacked all my stuff from Spain. We had agreed during the week that if the weather was nice we would go for a ride together, and obviously I was in the swing of cycling, so couldn’t wait and the banana pancakes and a freshly-made juice gave me all the energy I needed to go out. Sofi is motivated for cycling at the moment as well, hoping to get into good form for when we go to Spain together in three weeks’ time, but I think yesterday she was mostly motivated by my promise of buying her fika at one of the local cafés after our ride 🙂


We did a nice 60 km (and Sofi’s ride on Strava), and although it was a bit windy (and 20°C colder than my rides last week), we had a great time together. But, and there usually is a but when cycling in Gothenburg, the heavens opened on our way back and we got caught in some heavy slushy rain, dropping the temperature below 0°C and making us feel very cold, for the first time on the ride. At this point, I reminded Sofi of the fika in store, just 10 km down the road, and that got us there…just 🙂

20150118_121648 20150118_143008


The café we had fika at is also a stone-oven bakery that specialises in sour dough, so we bought a delicious loaf and had that with a homemade tomato soup for dinner. We were both tired from the ride and the weekend in general, so a simple soup after a power nap was just what we needed.

We all hope you had a good weekend, and were able to train and eat delicious food!
/Jason and Sofi

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