Goat’s Cheese Pie on a Tuesday Night

Hello everyone!

Jason is in Spain this week, cycling in the sunshine. He will probably write a nice post tomorrow about what he has been up to the last few days. That leaves me alone for the week and I have to cook for myself. Cooking for yourself and alone is not nearly as fun as cooking together, which we tend to do most days. Tomorrow a friend will come over though and I will cook something nice for us 🙂

Jason has also taken our camera so I can’t take any nice food pictures 🙂 However, I wanted to share my pie that I had today because it was delicious!

As always when Jason is away I make food that he doesn’t like or can’t eat. Today I made a goat’s cheese pie. I love goat’s cheese. Jason is unfortunately allergic to goat’s milk and doesn’t like it anyway. So I take the opportunity to eat it while he is away.

I made a very quick pie crust, similar to the one I used in this pie. Then I just filled it with goat’s cheese, walnuts, tomatoes, and egg and cream mixed together. With the pie I had some carrot and some cabbage. In England you often get these delicious pies at pubs. I wanted to make something similar to warm me up.


I hope everyone is having a good week so far.

Stay active and eat good vegetarian food 🙂


3 thoughts on “Goat’s Cheese Pie on a Tuesday Night

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