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Corn Pucks with Roasted Beetroots and Potatoes

These corn pucks are incredibly delicious, and are something Jason had at a few lunch buffets at his work. After eating so many of them, he had to have the recipe so we could make them at home, and this is it 🙂

These pucks are great as the main part of a dinner, like we had tonight, or as a snack to have during your day, at a picnic, or even on the bike! You can adapt it as you like, to add different spices, but we think the original (from Chef Sofie Göransson) is still the best. Continue reading

Mid-Week Catch Up – Week 5

Gosh, it’s Wednesday already! I feel totally unprepared to write this post, as the days this week have flown by already. We haven’t been up to much, but we have certainly been eating 🙂

On Sunday we made a delicious pie, with three types of cabbage: Brussels sprouts, purple Brussels sprouts, and white cabbage. On Monday we made our yummy noodle soup (although we replaced the tofu with more vegetables). Yesterday our friend Sanna came over for dinner and we made pizzas and a deliciously-moist chocolate cake for dessert. Today we made our quick Asian salad. Tomorrow and Friday we are planning some more new dishes though, with some corn pucks and roasted vegetables on the menu tomorrow.

DSC05938 DSC05941 DSC05942 DSC05945

As said, we haven’t been up to much at all, but we have started to plan the agenda for our week in Spain a bit more. We plan to do five rides with the week totalling about 300 km, with one ride up Sierra Espuña (about 1500 m climbing) and one ride of over 100 km.

We plan on blogging while we’re there, and will try a vegetarian restaurant, as well as making our own food. I think we might try a few new portable food recipes as well, so keep an eye out for them. We made some rice balls the other day, but need to perfect the recipe.

DSC05949Tomorrow we are going to town to see what the local shop has in the way of women’s bib shorts (as she needs another pair), and then it will be a session on the turbo trainer for me 😀

Fortunately the snow and ice has all melted here, but now it’s raining, and that’s not fun 😦 So we are really looking to Spain and the spring beyond that. One of the things we are most looking forward to is probably going to Italy to see the Giro again! We will be going with my mum, who also loves cycling, and we booked all our hotels yesterday.


Hope you all have had a good week so far and that we all get to the weekend soon!

Our Weekend, Week 4

Winter is back in Gothenburg, and it came back with a vengeance!

After work on Friday, we went to town and met our friends Malin and Evan for a couple of drinks and some dinner. It was a really nice evening catching up as we hadn’t seen them since before the holidays. We ate at Hello Monkey on Linnégatan, which does delicious Japanese and Korean cuisine 🙂

We went straight to bed when we got home and set our alarm for 08:00 (not too early, not too late), so that I (Jason) could get a ride in before we headed to town in the afternoon. When I woke up, I was confronted by a snow storm! Hard snow, strong winds – not ideal cycling conditions. So I thought I would go to the shop to buy something nice for me and Sofi to have for breakfast instead. After coming back, I got to thinking and thought I would seize the day and go for a short ride on my mountain bike instead, before they ploughed the snow. So I ate a banana and headed out, planning to eat properly once I got back.

It wasn’t a terribly fast ride, but I just wanted to try going up and down a couple of hills in the snow and seeing what head- and side winds could do while riding my bike in the snow. It was fun, and I did just over 25 km, but the best part was the tranquility and the feeling of being alone (which I was most of the time) 🙂

20150124_094340When I got back, I was amazed at the feast Sofi had prepared! She made some more of our delicious granola, some homemade scones, and some scrambled eggs with fried tomatoes. What a great way to start the day, in spite of the horrible weather 😀

DSC05927We then headed into town a bit later on, so I could buy a new suit for our friends’ (who are two regular blog readers 🙂 ) wedding in March and so we could watch American Sniper, which was a really great film!

20150124_140020So what did we do today? Well, I did my long ride that I mentioned in the mid-week catch up, and Sofi went for a long walk with Malin around Delsjön.

The roads were ploughed yesterday and last night, and the sun came out, so it was a perfect day for my ride. We started from town at 10:00 and the route was 120 km (60 km out and the same way back). I found the ride quite tough at points, but the scenery was so beautiful that I never really felt bad!

It was a little bit foggy and incredibly cold (-10°C at points), but really nice. We were four at the beginning but one of the guys only rode part way, but he did take this nice video. The fika stop was well needed and we all had our semlor (the plural for semla) 😀 But we got a little mucky due to the roads being a bit wet from the melting snow.

20150125_113006 20150125_124850 20150125_144547 20150125_145709

Sofi’s walk sounded really nice. Her and Malin took a nice 2-hour walk around Delsjön, one of the big parks just outside Gothenburg. We often run here because it’s so beautiful and they have running routes of different lengths.

There was a lot of untouched snow there, which made the walk really picturesque! There were a lot of people walking, jogging, running, cycling, and even cross-country skiing thanks to the snow!

20150125_115251Time to think about what to make for dinner now and what to make the rest of the week. We’ve bought a few different ingredients for the coming week, including yellow beetroots!

We hope you all had a nice weekend!
/Jason and Sofi






These scones are perfect as a part of a nice brunch or just something to eat for breakfast. They are very quick to make and you can use different types of flour. Today I used whole wheat flour and graham flour. Swedes like to eat their scones with butter, jam or cheese, but you can eat them however you want 🙂 Continue reading

Walnut, Parmesan and Spinach Pasta Sauce

This pasta sauce is so easy to make, but it is so delicious. This is a pasta dish which will make you love every bite and wish you could go on eating for days 🙂

We had this with tricolore pasta, which is pasta that looks like the Italian flag: green, white, and red! The green pasta was spinach pasta, the white pasta was regular pasta, and the red pasta was beetroot pasta. Continue reading

Mid-Week Catch Up – Week 4

This week we’ve both been feeling very tired, and have been going to bed exhausted most nights. So we thought we would see what we could do to ensure we didn’t carry that tiredness into our working days. So we’ve started with a meditative yoga session every morning. I (Jason) usually do some sort of yoga, stretching, or massage in the morning, but Sofi doesn’t. Next week I think we’ll make it more of an active session and maybe even do a session in the evenings before bed.

We’ve also gone back to eating porridge so we have a good source of slow-release energy. We usually eat porridge, but sometimes we mix it up during the week and have cereal or yoghurt. We’ve been making some more vegetable juices as well, rather than pure fruit juices.

PhotoGrid_1421821588119 20150122_065051

Yesterday we had a nice green juice, although it was just the cucumber that was green! It consisted of 3 carrots, ½ cucumber, 2 oranges. Really good, and the cucumber gives it a really fresh taste 🙂

Today’s juice was the red devil above, which consisted of 3 small beetroots, 2 carrots, 1 apple, 1 blood orange. Absolutely delicious, and packed full of nutrients!

We will compile a list of juices soon to release as one large post, but in the meantime, we’ll keep posting some here and some on Instagram. You follow us on Instagram, right?


Unfortunately winter has decided to come back to Gothenburg this week, with more snow, some of which has settled. It wasn’t too slippery yesterday though, and I am planning on having a run at lunch today with some of my colleagues.

20150121_084336Hopefully the snow will clear and the roads will dry up before the weekend, as we have a couple of rides planned: a steady (50-60 km) one together on Saturday, and a longer (I’m guessing closer to or over 100 km) one where I will cycle with some of my other cycling buddies on Sunday.

We’ll need fuel for both of these rides, and are planning to try out a new recipe for on-the-bike snacks, so keep your eyes peeled!

We’re thinking about going to the cinema Saturday afternoon as well…any tips?

Hope you have a good week,



Spicy Roasted Brussels Sprouts

After seeing Angie’s recipe for roasted Brussels sprouts with paprika last week, we couldn’t wait to make our own, because they looked and sounded delicious!

We love Brussels sprouts (especially Jason) and we want to try to prepare them in different ways and not just in the way you eat them normally. The Brussels sprouts in this recipe take no time to prepare and then it is only to put them in the oven for 15 mins. Continue reading

Our Weekend, Week 3

This weekend was fairly short for us, as I (Jason) was travelling back from Spain on Saturday, and Sofi went to see her friend and her new baby in the morning, after having made some banana pancakes for herself after a power walk.


Sofi knew I would be hungry, so decided to make my favourite meal for me when I got home: pasta! 😀 She made some lovely fresh pasta with a creamy spinach, garlic, walnut, and parmesan sauce mmmmmm 🙂 Oh and we had semla for dessert (a delicious Swedish pastry they traditionally eat on Shrove Tuesday, but it can be bought any time between Christmas and Easter).


On Sunday, we were both feeling a little tired and I was feeling a little jealous of Sofi’s banana pancakes the day before, so Sofi made some banana pancakes while I made my bike back up and unpacked all my stuff from Spain. We had agreed during the week that if the weather was nice we would go for a ride together, and obviously I was in the swing of cycling, so couldn’t wait and the banana pancakes and a freshly-made juice gave me all the energy I needed to go out. Sofi is motivated for cycling at the moment as well, hoping to get into good form for when we go to Spain together in three weeks’ time, but I think yesterday she was mostly motivated by my promise of buying her fika at one of the local cafés after our ride 🙂


We did a nice 60 km (and Sofi’s ride on Strava), and although it was a bit windy (and 20°C colder than my rides last week), we had a great time together. But, and there usually is a but when cycling in Gothenburg, the heavens opened on our way back and we got caught in some heavy slushy rain, dropping the temperature below 0°C and making us feel very cold, for the first time on the ride. At this point, I reminded Sofi of the fika in store, just 10 km down the road, and that got us there…just 🙂

20150118_121648 20150118_143008


The café we had fika at is also a stone-oven bakery that specialises in sour dough, so we bought a delicious loaf and had that with a homemade tomato soup for dinner. We were both tired from the ride and the weekend in general, so a simple soup after a power nap was just what we needed.

We all hope you had a good weekend, and were able to train and eat delicious food!
/Jason and Sofi

Banana Pancakes and a Morning Powerwalk

Today I went for an early morning powerwalk. I made myself a juice before going out.

I always need something before any physical exercise. If it is a low intensity exercise I don’t need too much, but If I was going for a run in the morning I always need to eat something before.

Today a juice was enough. I used 2 blood oranges an 2 carrots.

It was very windy out today and as I was walking across the big bridge (Älvsborgsbron) here in Gothenburg it was extremely windy. However, I had a nice, winter view of the water 🙂


Then I came home and made myself some delicious banana pancakes. They are so easy to make and a healthy, gluten-free option for anyone who loves pancakes.

You need:

1 ripe banana
2 eggs

1. Whisk the eggs and the banana together.
2. Add a pinch of salt.
20150117_1044093. Fry your pancakes in a frying pan.
20150117_1050084. Add some cream, ice-cream, quark, fresh berries, jam or whatever you like.
5. Enjoy!

I used raspberry quark, blueberries and walnuts on my pancakes and it was delicious!
A very good way to start my Saturday 🙂

Have a nice weekend everyone.







Mid-Week Catch Up – Week 3

So what has happened so far in week 3?

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that I (Jason) went to Spain, leaving Sofi all alone in Sweden. This isn’t a bad thing though, as it means she can eat some of her favourite things that I’m allergic to, like mushrooms and goat’s cheese. She even made a goat’s cheese pie yesterday 🙂

So why am I in Spain? Well, lots of pro teams go to Spain during the winter for their training camps, because Northern Europe is far too cold to get some serious kms in. In fact, Etixx Quick-Step, Lotto Jumbo, and FdJ have been having their training camps about 1 hr north of us for the past few weeks – if it’s good enough for them 😀 But my dad was already coming over to fix a few things, and he said it would be a great opportunity for us to ride together.


You can’t just wear shorts and a short-sleeved jersey in England or Sweden at the moment 😀

Like I said in another post, one of my goals is to cycle more each month, especially during the autumn and winter, so this holiday helps fulfill that. The weather here is dry and warm – over 20°C in the sun – which is ideal for getting some good base kms. Neither me nor my dad have cycled enough over winter to put in some long and hard rides, but that is why a holiday like this at the beginning of the year is perfect – it kick starts your year!


Lovely weather and lovely roads – ideal!


A bit of sunshine means wearing colourful clothes again, which I think makes riding more enjoyable 🙂

We’re keeping our rides steady (although being able to push slightly has been a nice change), and including a few hills but no serious mountains. We did knock out 100 km yesterday with 1000 m of ascending though, which was really nice to do – now we know our legs can handle it. But it also means that today is a recovery day…now where are those Conguitos 😀

I hope you all have a good week and are able to train as well!