Merry Christmas!

We weren’t originally planning to do another “thoughts” post over Christmas, but we thought we would share a little more about our plans during Christmas and how we will celebrate Christmas in Sweden.

A few things first about Christmas in Sweden:

  • Swedes celebrate on Christmas Eve
  • Santa doesn’t leave gifts in stockings or under trees, but visits your house and gives you all your gifts (nothing technically comes from anyone else, not even your parents – it’s all from Santa, or Tomten as he’s called in Swedish)
  • Christmas dinner is a buffet with cold food (starters) and warm food (main course)
    • The cold food consists of fish, lots of smelly fish
    • The warm food consists of pork, lots of pork (and very few vegetables)
  • Swedes eat rice pudding as dessert

So what does this mean for us?
Well, it means Jason doesn’t eat anything…or nothing traditional anyway. Swedes tend to have a few different types of cabbage, but otherwise nothing is vegetarian friendly – not even the potato dish, which is called Jansson’s Temptation and has anchovies in it. But this always gives us the opportunity to try new dishes. So Sofi has made a pie with green cabbage, cheese, and walnuts, and there will be some roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts, to make it feel more like Christmas for Jason! 😀


Other than eating, what do we plan to do?
Jason is planning on cycling a fair amount, and even went out and did 50 km this morning in the rain. Sofi is planning on running (and doing the odd bike ride). We are planning to do a half marathon on the 27th with Sofi’s sister, and hopefully that will burn off some of the extra calories we usually consume during Christmas.


Jason leaving for his Christmas Eve ride in the rain.

Merry Christmas!
/Sofi and Jason

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