Our Weekend, Week 51

The last weekend before Christmas and we are both looking forward to some time off work which can be spent eating, exercising and just relaxing. I (Sofi) have actually already done my last day on Friday. The last few weeks of school have been hectic and nothing is better than getting a few weeks off from teaching before going into a new term and the stress that comes in the spring. Jason, unfortunately, has to work a few more days.

On Friday Jason played tennis again. Unlike the badminton last week he managed to win this time 😉 He also baked some lovely cupcakes for his colleagues, very appropriate for Christmas. I think they were very appreciated.

DSC05464In the evening we went to see Interstellar, which both of us really liked. It was a very good way to start the weekend,

On Saturday I decided to go for a run despite feeling tired. I was really not in the mood but I managed to get myself out and afterwards it felt great as always. I think that is one of the reasons why I love running so much, you can only depend on yourself to find the strength to go running when you feel like you have none. It is tough and hard when you stop running for a while and it is hard while you do it and the only way to improve is to just remember how strong you feel afterwards and keep running. This year I decided to run the Gothenburg half marathon to have a goal to train for, which makes it so much easier.

DSC05474After my run me and Jason just relaxed at home before we went into town for some last minute Christmas shopping. In the evening we met up with our friends Sanna and Srdan for some Indian food.

DSC05477DSC05479After dinner we had a walk through Gothenburg and stopped to watch the show at Götaplatsen.
DSC05488DSC05490DSC05492On Sunday we just relaxed, baked a chocolate cake 🙂 and watched a few films. Jason was supposed to play a floorball match but he has injured his foot and needs to take it easy for a few days 😦

DSC05522On Tuesday we go down to Skåne and my parents, where we are going to celebrate Christmas. We are bringing our bikes and hope that the weather allows us to go for a bike ride/some bike rides 😀

We hope that you all have a lovely Christmas and that you spend it eating and exercising 😉

Merry Christmas!
/Sofi and Jason

2 thoughts on “Our Weekend, Week 51

  1. Jean

    Clearly he likes baking with green and chocolate themes! Merry Christmas / Joyeaux Noel. (Canada’s official languages are English and French after all.)



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