Our Weekend, Week 50

So, another week and another weekend have passed. This has been an extremely fun and eventful weekend and we enjoyed a lot of time with our friends. However, being the active beans we are, we still managed to get some training in on Saturday. 🙂

On Friday morning both me and Jason watched Lucia “trains”. For me it is the beginning of the Christmas holiday and there is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit. I watched Lucia at my school where the students from the music program were performing. Jason watched Lucia at work, and that was the official Gothenburg Lucia, which people audition to enter and there is a voting process.


On Friday Jason also played badminton at work. It is now their weekly activity and they alternate between playing badminton and tennis. It is actually a good idea that they get some exercising in because on Fridays Jason always has fika in the afternoon, so we don’t want him getting too fat. 🙂


On Friday evening  I went out with my lovely colleagues. Everyone is in need of the Christmas holiday and it was nice to spend some time together outside the school where we usually have to focus on so many things and have less time to just hang out. I tried to leave early but that is difficult when you have so much fun. 🙂

On Saturday morning we got up quite early because we had much to do for our Lucia party in the evening and my (Sofi’s) friends were coming from Skåne. I was a bit tired from the night before but Jason still persuaded me to go for a 13 km run! It was a great way to get rid of the hangover though and afterwards we both felt great and energized. We ran our usual route across both big bridges here in Gothenburg (Älvsborgsbron and Götaälvsbron). My run. Jason’s run.


When we came home we had a quick lunch and then we started baking. We wanted to make some snacks and drinks for our guests. We made Lucia buns, minced pies, bread, hard bread, cookies, Winter Pimm’s and mulled wine.


Then my friends arrived and we talked a little before we continued with our cooking and they went into town for a little while. They were staying with us overnight, which was so much fun. 🙂 At 6 our guests were arriving and then we spent the rest of the evening eating, talking and having fun! 😀


On Sunday we had a nice lie-in and then a long breakfast together. After breakfast we went into town and had a nice walk through Haga where we stopped for some fika and some shopping. In the afternoon my friends drove back to Skåne and me and Jason were two very tired people. 🙂 The rest of the evening was spent on the sofa with a film, trying not to use more energy.


Now there is one whole week left of work and then we start our Christmas holiday, can’t wait! (I (Jason) don’t get a fixed Christmas holiday. 😦 ) Hopefully there we will share some nice vegetarian recipes for an alternative Christmas dinner.

Have a nice week!
/Sofi and Jason

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