Our Weekend, Week 47

Last week went by so quickly and we had too much to do to be able to make time for cooking and blogging 🙂 That is just how it is sometimes. We are both looking forward to Christmas and a time when there is less work so there will be time for other things.

So, at the weekend we went down to SkĂĄne where I (Sofi) come from. We took the bus after work on Friday and arrived in Helsingborg in the evening. We stayed with my sister and Tommy on Friday evening. Everyone was tired after a long work week so we just relaxed, made pizzas and talked.

In the morning we took the train to Malmö. We checked in to the hotel we were staying at on Saturday evening. The reason we went to Malmö was that one of Sofi’s friends was having her 30th birthday party on a boat 🙂 It was a day party so we went there early in the afternoon. Helene had made very good food, great for vegetarians and we enjoyed a lot of food, wine, cake and even some stand-up 🙂 We had a great time and Jason got to meet two more old friends of mine. We all went to school together and we have known each other for more than 14 years now.

After having spent the whole afternoon on the boat the party continued at a bar in Malmö where we had drinks. After continuing on to another bar we went home to our hotel and fell asleep quite quickly. Such a great day, thanks to Helene ❤

The next day we enjoyed a nice, long breakfast at our hotel before we took the train back to Gothenburg.

Today we both had a very long work day and neither of us really felt like cooking anything special. So we made our quick Asian salad and some breaded tofu. The perfect dinner for a Tuesday. The rest of the week is also a bit busy but we hope to have some time to make some nice dinners towards the end of the week 🙂

Have a nice week,

/Sofi and Jason

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