Our Weekend, Week 46

Another weekend gone and one week closer to Christmas. Christmas is Sofi’s favourite holiday (mostly becuase of all the eating). So she is really looking forward to December.

The week that passed went by fast, we had a lot of work and did a lot of training. Sofi has really gotten started on the turbo trainer and we enjoyed a morning session on Wednesday together. It is a fantastic way of starting the day. You get your heart rate up and lay a very good foundation for a day full of energy. It is not easy to set your alarm 40 mins earlier to have time for training in the morning, but like with all training sessions, you never ever regret you did,

Speaking of getting your heart rate up and sweating, on Tuesday evening we went climbing with our friends at Klätterlabbet at Chalmers. Such fun training! Training that requires both strength and endurance. Jason was quick up the wall on his first try. I (Sofi) thought it was a bit scary at first since I am afraid of heights (and they had really high walls). However, I managed to get past that and on my second try I managed to get the whole way up. It is really difficult though and as we moved on to tougher walls it was not as easy to climb the whole way up 🙂


It was great fun though and certainly something we will try again. We both felt like we wanted to get the certificate to belay someone else that climbs to be able to go by ourselves.

This weekend we enjoyed cycling, both on our own bikes (indoors though) and in Slottskogen to watch the Swedish National Cyclocross Championships. Sofi is not running at the moment, as she has injured her foot 😦

When we came home from work on Friday, Sofi went on the turbo trainer and Jason on his rollers and we did a 55-min cycling session. (Jason is a bit worried that Sofi might be quicker up the mountains in Spain when we head there in February now – Sofi is taking winter cycling training seriously!) That made us work up a good appetite so that when we went for dinner at Malin and Evan’s place we were really hungry :). Great dinner and lots of fun talking all evening!

On Saturday morning we went to our normal RPM session at the gym. Which was tough as usual. After a quick shower we went to Slottsskogen where we met Sam (Jason’s friend) and watched the cyclocross. It was very cold so we went for fika after it had finished.


After that we went to see “Fury”. It was a very good film, we definitely recommend you see it. In the evening we made a very strange mix of different tapas, Indian, Spanish, and Mexican 🙂 Recipes will come soon on the blog.


Today we had pancakes for breakfast and then we did our weekly shop. We plan to make an Asian dish, cannelloni, root vegetables in different ways, and hamburgers. The rest of the day Sofi worked and Jason played a floorball match, We had a great week and weekend and hope that everyone else had too. Now we hope that you have a nice week to come.


/Sofi and Jason

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