Our Weekend, Week 45

This weekend we went down to Sofi’s parents in Skåne (in the south of Sweden) to celebrate her brother’s birthday and see her family.

On Saturday morning we started with a run around the lake where Sofi’s parents live. It was a very nice and steady run. Both of us are running the Gothenburg Half Marathon in May next year and want to make sure we keep up the running throughout the winter. We have different time goals for the run but that does not stop us from training together. We are looking forward to many nice runs together during the winter. Hopefully we will have a mild winter which will allow us to both run and cycle outside during the winter months. When it comes to running it is just a matter of putting on the right amount of layers and then you can run all year round.



Cycling can be a bit more difficult during the winter if it is icy and lots of snow but now when Jason has bought his new rollers he can cycling inside when the weather won’t allow outside cycling and I (Sofi) can use the turbo trainer for inside cycling (read more about this below).

Last week was a very busy week, that is why we wrote no posts 😦 We cooked food of course but there was not enough time unfortunately to sit down and write about it. We had friends over for dinner on Thursday and we made some ravioli for them. It was very appreciated and we will share the recipe here soon.


At the weekend my mum (Sofi’s) did a roast dinner with goose. In Skåne where I come from there is a traditional meal held every year on the November 10th called Mårtensafton. On that day (or a bit earlier) you eat goose. Jason did not eat the goose of course, instead he had some mozzarella burgers.

Today after we came home Jason played a floorball match, and then we did our weekly shop. We plan to make a nice pie, an Indian dish, a simple salad, a tomato pasta, and “meatballs”.

We also did a quick indoor cycling session at home. Jason is pretty good on the rollers now, but this was Sofi’s first time on a turbo trainer! She really enjoyed it, and plans to incorporate it into her winter training.

Despite the cold weather and dark days, we hope you all have a good week, with lots of delicious food (from our blog?) and fun training sessions – that’s our plan at least!
/Sofi and Jason


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