Our Weekend, Week 44

It has felt like quite a long weekend this weekend. Jason came back from Italy at lunchtime on Friday, and Sofi has been enjoying being at home because she has had an autumn break this week.

So, when I (Jason) got home one of the first things Sofi wanted (after a kiss and cuddle) was her presents! (I wanted lunch, but that had to wait. But Sofi had prepared the delicious Asian salad we made recently, and it was worth waiting for.) I had bought a few things she knew about (food and pasta-related things), but I also told her I had a present just for her. This present was a new bike…or a mini version of her bike that doubles up as a pizza slicer!


Sofi’s pizza slicer


Goodies from Italy 🙂

Half of the cheese was for my colleagues, but the rest was all for us: olives, pine nuts, two types of parmesan, a sieve spoon (it’s huge), a ravioli form (with rolling pin), a corzetti stamp, three wines (two red, one white), and Sofi’s bike.

Sofi then wanted to try one of the wines with our dinner (so yes, our wine rack isn’t filling up very well). We then had a nice mix of foods for dinner, including bruschetta, caprese, olives, and taleggio. Delicious, made me feel at home 😛


On Saturday we went to RPM and then headed to town to buy some magazines and picture frames (we ordered some nice pictures of us cycling to be printed recently). Then, after an afternoon nap, we made cheese ravioli for dinner. (Recipe coming soon.)

Cheese ravioli with creamy tomato sauce

Today I went for a ride with Hisingens CK (their last planned ride for the year). This was my first bike ride for a month, and I found it very tough actually…but we had fika at the clubhouse afterwards and then I came home to an excellent recovery meal: banana pancakes!

November ride with HCK Banana pancakes

That’s all from me. Oh, I also bought some rollers this week (so that Sofi can use the turbo trainer we have and I can use the rollers if we want to train indoors together over winter)…those are tough – I uploaded a video to Facebook if anyone wants to see how my first go on them went. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t fall off 😀 )


So, what have we bought to make meals with this week?

Weekly Shop, W44

We restocked a few of our staples, including durum flour, tinned tomatoes, butter, eggs, milk, tea, among others. But the meals we plan to make next week include: pizza, steamed buns with tofu, pasta with salsa di noci (walnut sauce), green salad, roasted tomato and pepper soup, and some frittatas (some with courgetter, others with potato).

We made the pizza tonight, which enabled us to use the new pizza slicer!

Pizza slicer in action

We hope you all have a nice week!
/Jason and Sofi

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