Our Weekend, Week 43 and W42 recap

It seems last weekend’s post was missed because we were both so busy. As you may have seen in our latest post, we had some friends over last weekend, and we also went to a lunch with Jason’s work at the Ritz in Gothenburg. On the Sunday we went to IKEA and MIO and bought lots of new shelves for the kitchen and living room. One of the new shelves was a wine rack with space for 24 bottles. Currently, there are 0 bottles on it…

Shelves in kitchen 1 Shelves in kitchen 2

So that was our weekend. We were very busy doing lots of things and spending time together before Jason went to Italy for two weeks for work. Which is why Sofi was able to make gnocchi with mushrooms this week!

We are both really enjoying blogging, and like the interaction we get with people about our posts. Hopefully all of you reading this do it not just because we tell/ask you to, but because you enjoy our blog as well 🙂  Please keep reading, and keep giving us feedback or support – we really appreciate it.

This week, I (Jason) have been in Genova, Italy helping train and coach people in technical writing. (It’s more fun that it sounds…honestly.) But when I haven’t been at the office doing that, I have been busy exploring what Genova has to offer. Last time I was in Genova in May, I was lucky enough to see the Giro going through the city and to try some of the food available but now I want to try more…or find the best of each type of food perhaps, as well as explore more sights than I did last time.

I’ve always loved pesto pasta (or basil pasta as we used to call it), ever since my dad used to make a delicious pesto, which I then became the “master” of. Genova is slightly more famous for pesto than I am, so I wanted to try it from as many places as possible. Genova is also famous for its trofie pasta, and “trofie al pesto” is therefore a common dish to find here.

Lots of pesto pasta

Jason’s pesto pastas so far!

I have managed to book myself on a cooking course on Monday, where we will be making two types of pasta (unfortunately one of them won’t be trofie as the special trofie chef is away), Genovese pasta, and “salsa di noci” (walnut pesto)!

Being in Italy also offers the perfect opportunity to see what pizza and pasta utensils and accessories there are to add to our collection…they have everything! The wooden thing in the middle of the picture below is a corzetti stamp, a traditional Ligurian pasta, which I have bought 🙂   Those nice looking pasta machines are very hard not to purchase…Sofi and I think the red one is very nice.

Pizza/pasta utensils

Pizza/pasta utensils

But it’s not all work and all eating, I have been running as well. Although that run was to a specific ice cream place along the coast. I like ice cream 🙂  (Middle pic is from the run.)

Ice cream!

Ice cream!

Well that’s it from me. I hope to bring back some new or more refined skills from Italy after my cooking class tomorrow, and of course I’ll share these with Sofi and all of you! Have a nice week!

So, what has Sofi been up to while Jason has been away 🙂

The weather in Gothenburg at the moment is not very good. Jason sure managed to choose the right weeks to go away. However, all the rain and wind makes it more ok to stay inside and make nice food.

On Friday I went out for some drinks with my friend Sanna. We were celebrating our week of höstlov (autumn break). Since we both work as teachers we now have a week without the students, which is admittingly very nice. Time to recharge our batteries for yet another 7 weeks before Christmas.

On Saturday I went to RPM (spinning) and then off to Slottsskogen and the museum of Natural History with my friend Alex. There you can find all sorts of strange creatures :).
After that we had a nice stroll in an autumnal Slottsskogen. We went and had lunch and I managed to find a nice poster for our kitchen wall.
20141025_142211 20141025_134812 20141025_185231

I also made a new batch of our granola and had that in the evening with some yoghurt.

Today I woke up early (it might be because we changed from summer time to winter time during the night) so I decided to go for some very early running and hill repeats. It is nice when it is only 8 and you’ve already done your training for the day (this happens far from every Sunday though 🙂 ). I had a nice breakfast and then I made some salad again, the one we did the other day.


20141026_134301Have a nice week everyone!

/Jason and Sofi

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