Our Weekend, Week 41

We thought we would share the food shopping we do every weekend. This is a routine we started to have more time during the week to spend in the kitchen cooking together and to take away the stress you can feel of having to organise dinners during the week.

Every weekend we plan our dinners for the following week and go to the shop on Saturday or Sunday, depending on when we have the time, to buy everything we need. This makes it easier for us during the week when there is less time to plan and go shopping. If we both train after work we need to have a plan for what to eat so that we can just come home and start dinner right away.

So, we did our weekly shopping on Saturday morning.  This is what we bought.
DSC04784This week we wanted to utilise the seasonal vegetables, such as carrots, beetroots, parsnips and onions. Our planned dinners for this week include: bean soup, roasted vegetables with breaded tofu, beetroot burgers and of course some sort of pasta dish. We also bought ingredients to make tempura and dumplings for Sofi’s sister and boyfriend, Lisa and Tommy, who were here visiting.

As you can see, we have some things in jars already, and the lentils and oats are actually just to help restock our cupboards. We always have certain things in the cupboard and fridge, for example, oats, flour (whole grain and durum), sugar, lentils, rice, tinned tomatoes, beans, onion, garlic, salad leaves (spinach or rocket usually), herbs/spices (some dried, some in pots), olive oil, butter, seeds and nuts, and baking ingredients (just in case). We also always buy one or two packs of eggs per week – for pasta, omelette, baking, and so on – juice, and milk (Jason drinks a lot of milk).

After our shopping we went to the gym and did RPM (interval training). After a quick shower Lisa and Tommy arrived and we headed to town for a nice American lunch at Joe Farelli’s.


Jason and Lisa at Joe Farelli’s

We then walked around town and did some shopping before having some fika (fika is a Swedish concept where you usually drink some coffee or tea and have a sandwich or cake). The weather was overcast but still warm enough to be able to sit outside.


Tommy and Sofi having fika

After coming home from town we made dinner. Lisa and Tommy wanted to eat dumplings so that is what we did. We also made some tempura vegetables, recipes will come later.


Jason and Sofi eating tempura


Tommy, Lisa and Sofi

This morning we had a nice lie in and then we went to the sourdough bakery to buy some bread. We love having a long and big breakfast on weekends when you have the time to really sit for a long while and talk or read a magazine. At the breakfast this morning we also had some of our homemade granola which Lisa and Tommy really liked 🙂


We hope all of you have had a nice weekend as well,
/Sofi and Jason


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