Why did we start a food blog?

We have been living together for more than 1.5 years now, and have been cooking together for longer than that. We used to make similar dishes regularly, but then we decided to challenge ourselves to being more varied and trying new things. This is a challenge for most people, as we all know how simple it is to make the same pasta sauce every Monday, the same rice dish every Tuesday, and so on. This is also a challenge to most people’s ideas of vegetarian food, as many people (wrongly) think you can’t have varied vegetarian food with different flavours!


We both do endurance exercise regularly so we eat a lot, and since Sofi (runner bean) started cycling more this year, she has needed more food on the bike as well. So we won’t be doing LCHF on this blog, more the opposite. We believe you should eat all types of food groups and shouldn’t exclude things such as fats or carbs unless you have an allergy. We’re not too strict either, so you might see the occasional (if not regular) dessert. See the video below for our reasoning 🙂

Jason (cyclist bean) has been a vegetarian most of his life, and is also allergic to mushrooms and goat’s/sheep’s milk, so this blog is written based upon those dietary requirements. Sofi still eats meat occasionally and loves the things Jason is allergic to, unfortunately. Since being with Jason, Sofi has learnt to embrace vegetarian food and loves experimenting!

DSC03624 DSC02657

We try out a lot of recipes from different sources (which we will refer to when appropriate), but we like to come up with new or adapted recipes as well. We would really like to know if you enjoy the recipes we share!

We will not just do main meals or dinners, but breakfast alternatives, snacks, and portable food to take with you on the bike or even to the office!


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