Egg and Asparagus Ravioli

A filling pasta dish with lots of flavour and no need to add any sauce.

Ingredients Serves 6
Cooking time: 60 mins

  • 400 g of fresh pasta
  • 500 g asparagus
  • 350 g ricotta
  • 25 g bread crumbs
  • 60 g parmesan plus extra for serving
  • 1 egg yolk
  • Salt and pepper
  • 12 eggs (only egg yolks needed)


  1. Make your own pasta, see the steps here.
  2. Snap the asparagus where the white part transitions to green.
  3. Chop the asparagus finely, and then fry it in butter over a high heat until soft.
  4. Grate the parmesan.
  5. Put the asparagus, parmesan, bread crumbs, egg yolk, and ricotta into a food processor and mix until smooth, yet firm. Add salt and pepper to suit.
  6. Put the mixture in a bowl, wrap with clingfilm and let it cool in the fridge.
  7. Roll out your pasta.
  8. Use a cutter to mark the circles for the ravioli. Leave a 2 cm space between each circle. Make sure you flour the surface underneath the ravioli, otherwise your ravioli will stick to the surface and break.
  9. Take the filling out of the fridge and put it in a piping bag.
  10. Pipe a circle of filling on the circles of ravioli, about 1 cm from the edge of the circle. Make sure to leave a hole in the middle for your egg yolk.DSC04511
  11. Pipe another layer of filling on top of the first circles of filling, to form a tower.
  12. Crack one egg and carefully remove the egg white. Place the egg yolk inside the circle of filling, repeat for all circles.
  13. Place another sheet of pasta on top of the filling and press the pasta dough around the circles of filling.
  14. Use a knife or a cutter to cut out the individual pieces of ravioli. Make sure there are no air pockets in the ravioli, which might cause it to break when you cook them.
  15. Boil two or three ravioli at a time in a large pot of salted water. When they float to the surface after about 2 mins, leave them for another 1-2 mins to boil.
  16. Take the ravioli out of the boiling water with a slotted spoon, the ravioli is too fragile to be drained in a colander.
  17. Serve the ravioli with some browned butter and grated parmesan.
  18. Enjoy!

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